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Meet The Team

Meet the Team




Melissa holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Concordia University and a certificate for the Support Worker Training Program from the Miriam Center, in Montreal. This has allowed her to work as a specialized educator for the English Montreal School Board for over 9 years. She is currently studying to become an Equine Facilitated Therapist. Integrating horses and therapy to promote physical and mental health which helps people develop skills such as emotional regulation, self-confidence, better communication, stronger bonds and responsibility. Melissa's skills and experience allow her to take a creative approach and appreciate the uniqueness of each child and student. Her patience, warmth and eagerness to help others allow her to create an environment that feels comfortable, while igniting curiosity and a love for learning.




Kayla is an educator who has worked in many different childcare environments and has over 10 years of experience working with children of all ages. She believes in creating a warm and positive environment in order to help children thrive and reach their full potential, and her educational philosophy can be best described through the following quote: “If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.” Kayla loves reading, writing, and communicating - and she hopes to project the love of languages onto her students.




Megan is currently completing a Master of Science in Molecular Biology and received her undergraduate degree in Nutritional Biochemistry at McGill University. She has a passion for teaching and tutors Math, Science and English from the elementary to CEGEP levels. Megan adapts her teaching style to each individual's unique learning needs, while setting them up for success in an encouraging, supportive environment.




Esther is in her graduating year of CEGEP, where she's now completing her DEC in Cinema & Communications. She has also studied Electronic Engineering. Esther is an experienced tutor teaching English, French, Math and Science to children and adults alike. She believes that education should be joyous, stimulating and accessible to everyone.

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Melodie is currently completing her bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood and Elementary school Education at Concordia University. Through her experiences tutoring and teaching children of various ages, she has learned the importance of being versatile and flexible in her teaching approaches in order to accommodate different learning styles. Melodie believe in providing fun, engaging, and stimulating lessons that will captivate students. She is passionate about helping children become confident and develop a love of learning!




Rebecca is an experienced French and English tutor who has worked with students in elementary school all the way to the CEGEP level. She understands that everyone learns differently, so she adapts her teaching techniques based on the specific needs of her students. She is successful at helping them improve their reading, comprehension and analytical skills. She hopes to see them prosper in an academic environment and will guide them to become the best students they can be.




Samantha is currently completing her final year of her bachelor's degree in Kindergarten and Elementary Education at McGill University. Her experience as a substitute teacher and tutor at the elementary level has allowed her to develop strategies to help students with various learning needs. Samantha is dedicated to making sure her students feel comfortable and help them to feel confident in themselves.




Vanessa is a graduate of the University of Ottawa where she learned the importance of providing enriching opportunities and lessons tailored to the student’s needs. Her experience as a tutor has allowed taught her to encourage and develop a variety of different methods that meet various learning needs. Vanessa's goal is to make sure students have fun, while learning and engaging in the material.




Anamaria is currently completing the second year of her Master of Arts degree in the program of Applied Linguistics at Concordia University, where she studies and researches reliable and effective methods for language teaching and acquisition. She has also received a Bachelor of Arts degree from McGill University majoring in English Literature. Aside from her educational background, Anamaria’s previous tutoring experience prepared her to adapt to different learning styles and needs, as well as to support and to encourage a positive learning process.

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Lexia is currently completing the third year of her Bachelor's degree in Psychology at McGill University. Her previous tutoring experiences have allowed her to understand that there are different teaching strategies for each individual student. Her main goal is to encourage a positive learning environment, free from judgment.




Eden is currently working towards her bachelor's degree in Cognitive Science at McGill University. She is passionate about language and art and seeks to incorporate those elements into her teaching style. She is committed towards helping students learn at their own pace while encouraging them to develop confidence in themselves.




Jeanina is a bilingual tutor who is currently completing her masters in Speech Pathology at McGill. Her experiences as a tutor and as a substitute teacher have allowed her to develop effective tutoring strategies for many grades and subjects. She loves helping students unlock their full potential!




Mel has experience teaching a wide range of age groups and subjects. They have developed an adaptable teaching style, through working with students with various learning needs. Mel uses this to create a healthy and stimulating learning environment catered to each unique individual. They love sharing their passion for reading with students and believe in the importance of fun, creative education. Above all, Mel strives to help students cultivate their love of learning as well as their confidence.




Salma is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in cognitive neurosciences. She's passionate about memory and using her numerous classes dedicated to it to help students study more efficiently. She works as an elementary school educator, and has experience tutoring with all grade levels. She is very passionate, patient, and will help and encourage your child to become the best version of themselves.




Alma is a student at Concordia University, majoring in Biochemistry as a pre-med. She is very passionate about maths and has participated in competitions since high school. Her tutoring experience include leading study groups for younger students participating in the International Mathematical Olympiad, especially in advanced geometry, as well as SAT prep. She would like to teach students to be inquisitive, and demonstrate that maths should be understood, not simply memorized. She believes that all students can understand any concept as long as it is explained properly, and this is what she hopes to do for all her students!

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Currently questioning her university studies, Sophie went back to the heart of her most enriching life experiences and concluded that her background as a tutor in French for CEGEP students would allow her to flourish. Therefore, she found her vocation in the university program in special education. She is curious by nature and likes to diversify her interests. If there is a painting project, a cooking contest, a sports competition or a philosophical debate, you can be sure to count Sophie among the participants! All of these interests make her a creative, equipped and dedicated person. She encourages her students to surpass themselves, to realize their full potential and finally, to gain confidence in themselves by developing kindness and patience towards their efforts.




Yifan is currently completing a doctoral degree in psychoeducation at University of Montreal. She also studied in psychology at Concordia University, where she completed an Honours thesis on the neurobiology of learning and memory. As someone who's navigated through academia for over two decades, she will not only teach the class material but also tips on how to become better at memorizing the content and strategies to learn efficiently, based on science! Yifan's goal is to empower every student and equip them with the tools they need to succeed in school.

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Profile coming soon!




Sabrina has a background in Microbiology and Immunology and is currently completing her degree in Secondary Science and Technology at McGill University. Her tutoring and classroom experiences have allowed her to develop various teaching styles and learning techniques which she caters to the individual needs and interests of the learner. Her mission is to help students strengthen their learning techniques and critical thinking skills. In her free time, Sabrina is an avid painter and cook, where she hopes to demonstrate to students how various subjects like math and science are deeply embedded in our everyday lives!




Stacey studies Health Sciences. She is an experienced tutor with students of all ages. Her teaching style allow students to feel comfortable and confident which promotes a healthy environment to learn. Stacey is committed to helping her students flourish and overcome their academic challenges.

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