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About Us

Our Unique Story

Unique Tutoring was designed by  passionate elementary school teachers, whose vision is to allow students to develop their untapped potential and enable them to thrive. By using a holistic approach, students will develop the skills and qualities of independent and well-rounded individuals.

Through differentiation, we help ensure that all of our students receive work which is tailored to their way of learning. This means that the content is adapted to meet the needs of each individual, by creating activities that will be explored through a variety of methods, and adapted to the necessary level. Our experienced tutors use techniques for differentiated learning in order to provide a student centred learning experience.

What does this mean? 

  • Our tutors work with students one-on-one or using small-group instruction

  • Each lesson is customized to fit the student's learning style, while also incorporating their interests

  • Our tutors create a nurturing and engaging environment to foster effective learning 


Having received her Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from McGill University, Kathy is an enthusiastic and creative teacher. Her work experiences thus far have allowed her to teach and work with an academically and socially diverse student population. In addition, Kathy is currently completing her Master's degree in Educational Leadership at McGill University, which has helped her develop key skills in customer management and business organization.

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